One Pair of Brows at a Time

Meet Laura

"It's time to focus on YOU and create the best possible version of yourself, starting with your eyebrows."

About Me

Hello, I'm Laura Chenery a devoted brow artist.

I create brows that slay 24/7 with my expertise in eyebrow tattooing.

LB was founded in March 2017, after 12 years in the beauty industry. I craved creativity and I decided it was time to follow my passion and create my own brand.

At the time I was working in a spa and growing LB in the pockets of my spare time,  It was all a bit of a juggling act with a two year old daughter to care for too. Word of mouth spread extremely fast, and with clients travelling from up and down the country, I was able to quit my job after JUST 6 months and I haven't looked back.

I have since trained with some of the leading experts within the industry, I am always learning and growing because I want to ensure that you get the BEST of everything.


You can rest assured that your beauty is my passion and that you will be in safe hands.

I can't wait to meet you soon,

Laura x


Ombre Brows

My signature, most in demand brow tattooing service. For creating brows that are on point 24/7.

Ombre brows are ideal for ladies who prefer a more "done" finish. So when they wake up there is no filling in to do and they can just slay the day with their beautiful brows!

With this look, the brows begin lighter and gradually darken towards the tails of the brows. This is to prevent them looking too harsh or bold.

The best part is that the results last for up to 3 years!

Combination Brows​

This technique creates strokes that mimic hair growth to create a very natural result. Plus it includes the added benefit of shading to create natural fullness and density.

This look is ideal for ladies who rarely wear makeup.

With this look, the brows begin with hair strokes the gradually blend into a soft powder, for the most realistic looking brows.

Results last around 12-18 months.




Cannot Thank Laura enough for my new brows! Recently just had blade and shade done and I absolutely love them. I’ve always been conscious of my eye brows from over plucking them too much when I was younger and I didn’t really have much hair left on my brows but since having them done it has completely changed my face and I am so much more confident at leaving the house with no make up on and not having to spend ages drawing them on! Laura is so talented and I am so glad I chose her to create such amazing brows! Such a lovely, friendly lady I would definitely recommended Laura, wouldn’t trust anyone else, so thank you again 



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