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What Can A Woman Do When She Looks And Feels Her Best?


A lack of self confidence and self acceptance can be debilitating to our quality of life! As women we often put our own needs on the back burner. If we want to have an overflow of energy to pour out into the world then first we have to nourish ourselves and that starts with self care and self love. I believe that a woman standing in her beauty is a woman standing in her POWER and I am here to help you to look and be your best so you can go out there and win!


It’s your girl Laura here!

Laura Chenery is the owner of Laurella beauty. Her home-based studio in King's Lynn, Norfolk (UK) offers a premium experience for her clients.

Since Laurella beauty opened in 2017 she has worked on hundreds of women who have travelled up and down the country, she also has clients who have travelled from Europe to have their permanent makeup done by her.

Laura prides herself on the precision and care she takes to create the most natural cosmetic tattoo enhancements. She credits her success to her passion for serving others and dedication to making women feel more confident and beautiful.

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My passion is your beauty!

“As women we each naturally have insecurities and things that we don’t like about ourselves. I love to help women to reclaim their inherent worthiness through their own unique expression of beauty. It’s my biggest passion.”



Evening out the symmetry & shape of your brows.

Filling in sparse areas and creating definition.

Restoring your brows if you have lost them due to illness, the ageing process or over-plucking.

Taking your confidence to the next level and saving you so much time in the mornings.


Evening out the symmetry & shape of your lips.

Adding volume to thin lips, and colour for a polished look + to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Evening out the colour and tone of the lips and restoring lost colour due to age or lip fillers.

Beautiful smudgeproof, kissable lips, so you can express yourself with confidence. 


Absolutely in LOVE. I am still kicking myself for waiting so long. Thank you again for transforming my brows! And for anyone who hasn't booked or is like me and unsure... Don't be... GET BOOKED!!!"

Laura Dixon

"I love them so much!!!!! I can't stop looking in the mirror! 15 years I've been feeling upset about my uneven brows! They are absolutely perfect!! You are such a lovely person too. Thank you very very much."

Francesca Fowler

"Friday was the first day in YEARS I went to work without makeup! My face just felt finished with my amazing brows. Thank you so much."

Megan Mcgee

"It was hands down the BEST decision I have EVER made to have my brows done."

Gina Melton