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Aftercare advice for

Permanent Make up

Please read carefully BEFORE booking!


  • The area will feel tender and there may be some swelling and minor bruising that lasts for 1-2 days.

  • DO NOT WORRY IF THE COLOUR LOOKS TOO DARK AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS. It is normal for the pigment to oxidise during the first couple of days. The colour will soften within 7=10 days.



The area will produce clear fluid (lymph) as the healing process begins. It is important to clean the area regularly to prevent the lymph from drying out and creating scabs.

On the night of your procedure:

  • Clean your hands with anti bac soap before touching your tattoo to prevent infection.

  • Cleanse the tattoo with a small amount of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.

  • Remove the cleanser with damp flat cotton pads.

  • Pat the area dry with a clean tissue.

  • Apply a small amount of the balm/gel provided.


  • No swimming and AFTER 14 days a small layer of vaseline is recommended to protect the enhancement from chlorine.

  • Do not expose your healing tattoo to the sun/UV rays/tanning beds for 14 days after this please apply SPF 30 for the face (not body) to your face and brows.

  • Avoid exercise/sweating.

  • Do not get wet and limit the time in bath/shower don't have the water to hot.

  • No steam rooms/saunas.

  • Do not sleep on your face and use a clean pillowcase to avoid infection.

  • Avoid using cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on the treated area.

  • No botox/fillers/skin peels/resurfacing treatments for 4 weeks after the top up.



  • No tinting/waxing/tweezing for 4 weeks.



  • After you have eaten gently cleanse your lips with water, pat dry with a tissue and apply the balm. (Stop applying balm when the scabbing appears)

  • Drink through a straw.

  • Don’t pick, scratch or bite off the scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment, or an infection.

  • Once the scabs have completely fallen off,  you can apply makeup to your lips. Note that the colour at this point may have a milky/grey tone to it this is normal. The healing process takes 6 weeks, this is when the true and final colour of the tattoo will be seen.


  • DO NOT WORRY IF THE COLOUR LOOKS TOO DARK AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS. It is normal for the brows to oxidise during the first couple of days. The colour will soften within 7-10 days.

  • Results will vary with each individual and are extremely dependant on your skin and how you care for your tattoo as it heals.

  • Keep in mind that in many cases some unevenness of colour is to be expected in some cases up to 60 % this is the purpose of the re-touch visit allowing us to fine-tune your enhancement, so this is important as its a two-part treatment, some times three depending on your skin and aftercare.


  • Use a good quality sunscreen, as sun exposure & sun beds will fade the pigment. (Not a face cream with an SPF).

  • If you are having any laser or facial beauty treatments please inform your technician before procedures that you have a permanent makeup tattoo.

  • It is strongly recommend that you do not use any of the following on your tattoo: Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycolic acid, Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E and C, and Retinol. these products can lighten or fade your tattoo faster. We also recommend wearing sunscreen as the UV rays will deteriorate the pigment and lighten or fade the tattoo faster as well. Salt water and chlorine can also deteriorate the pigment faster as well. Rinse with water after contact.

  • Coverup works may need additional appointments to have better results as it is possible that the "coverup" tattoo may not completely cover the old one. Note that Laura only does coverups for eyebrow procedures.

  • This treatment does fade after 1-3 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. Touch-ups are necessary to maintain the longevity and overall beauty of your tattoo. If you have oily skin, an iron deficiency, or a very strong immune system, your pigment will not last as long and will not heal as crisp as others.

  • Please inform the national blood service if you donate blood, as you may not be eligible or may need to wait 4-12 months.

  • Avoid wearing foundation over your brows or they will look patchy/ashy looking and that’s not the vibe!

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